The Titan Robotics Club is a middle and high school robotics program at the International School in Bellevue, Washington. We aim to spread awareness and raise interest within our school and our community about robotics and the programs of FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology). As part of the annual FIRST Robotics Compeition, FIRST Tech Challenge and FIRST Lego League, our team of over 60 students work with field professionals and adult mentors to earn valuable life experience with robotics, technology and science. You can learn more about our programs as well as FIRST by selecting each from the above navigation bar.



Our latest announcements:

We made it to the Semi-Finals at the Microsoft Seattle Regional!

Congratulations to the team for an awesome regional, everyone had great teamwork and we made it a long way through the competition, only two matches away from being in the finals! There are some pictures from the regional, thanks to Jared Chang our team's media rep!

See everyone at Tuesday's meeting after spring break!
Great job this year

Seattle Regional

If you are going or intend to go to the Seattle Regional, please get a hold of Ms.Tucker at school on Monday. Forms are now available, in person only, and are due soon.
Thank you.

Website Submitted

The TRC Website has been submitted for 2010 judging. We will find out at the Microsoft Seattle Regional about our performance this year.
For now, if you see anything you think could use some improving, please feel free to let me know, and we will see what we can do!
Thank you.

programming drive demo on last year's robot

This is last year's robot (competed in 2009 FRC competition, lunacy) which was origionally set up to run programs written in LabView, but now runs C++ code. The code that this robot is currently running is the libraries from 2009 FTC competition converted to C++ so it can take advantage of objects and inherit from the libraries provided from WPI. The main gist of what i was saying in the beginning is that whenever a function gets entered or executed, it tells the tracer which, depending on which filters are active (like drive module, joystick module, high-frequency, low-frequency), will be displayed on the screen along with the perimeters. From then on it's me driving the robot.

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