Titan Robotics Club Summer Projects

Titan Robotics Club will be providing multiple summer projects for both current and potential members. No experience is required and you do not have to be part of the club currently or join long term.

Two summer projects will start the week of July 7th and go for 3 weeks. All Meetings are at WIT
-CAD with Inventor: Learn how to do computer-aided design using Inventor and learn how to design parts and build robots in 3D. Program is provided for free, a laptop is recommended. Class meets Wednesdays 7-9pm and Saturday afternoon (meeting time decided by participants). Classes build on each other so it's recommend you are able to attend the majority.
-Robot in a Box: Students will learn how to design and wire electronics in the most efficient of spaces. Students will get hand on experience wiring and testing electronics. Meetings are Tuesday afternoons/evenings (time decided by participants) and Sundays 2-4pm.

We will also be running a variety of long term summer projects with meetings dates/times decided by the individuals.
-Website: Work on designing and building a new website. No experience is required.
-Business Team: Students will work on creating long term business plan for the team and executing that plan. Will learn skills related to finances, fundraising and public relations.
-Pit & Cart design: Work on designing and building a new Pit and Cart to go to district events. Students will learn skills related to marketing, public relations, and mechanical.

If you are interested please go to http://tinyurl.com/492Summer

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