Microsoft Kinect Star Wars Competition!

Remember when you're a youngling, following Master Yoda's instructions? Remember when you tried, but failed to pull that X Wing out of the swamp? Remember when you tried to convince your dad to buy you more toys, but your Jedi Mindtrick wasn't working?

Everything is about to change...

This Saturday, embrace your inner Jedi, and conquer the Seperatists at the Microsoft Store!

Play the brand new Kinect Star Wars game and support the Titan Robotics Club as they travel to St. Louis and compete at the International FIRST Robotics Worlds Championship!

Microsoft Store
116 Bellevue Square
Bellevue, WA 98004

7pm - 9 pm

sign up for a spot for just $25 at

(all money will go towards supporting the TRC when it travels to St. Louis, which inclues, but is not limited to, help lower amounts students need to pay)

You want to join this want to play the Kinect Star Wars...

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